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Problem with save



I am unable to save. I'm not on Hearts of Iron. Just a regular normal game. Everytime I try to save, the button goes down and nothing happens. Same with the quicksave button. I get a little sputter like it's working but it doesn't. If I try quickload it says no quicksaves exists. The only thing that has saved is my options. I've created the character like 9 times now trying different things.

I've verified the files.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Once for both of my hard drives.
After both times, the options I changed are still saved.

I've googled and tried reseting the game options but the "rename the folder" option only gives me an error when I try to restart the game rather than recreating the folder as all the pages say should happen.

There's got to be some kind of config file that I can delete to have the system reinstall from scratch without saving whatever is corrupting it.

Any help would be appreciated. :bow:

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