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Where is my game guide, soundtrack, etc for the steam Royal Edition



I bought the royal edition off steam, and the out-of-game bonuses are nowhere to be found. I've looked everywhere on the machine I can think of, starting with my steam folder and moving on from there. It isn't where it is supposed to be.


I've heard it is supposed to be in \\...\Pillars of Eternity\ (separate from the Docs folder, which is there but contains only the readme and the game manual).


This is getting incredibly frustrating. Please let me know if I should ask this in another forum.

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I had this problem also.  But someone on reddit suggested that I go to the details page for PoE, you should see a list of DLC that has all your Royal Edition goodies.  Uncheck all of those boxes, wait a while for all of them to update to uninstalled, then check them all off again.  Once I did that, steam automatically started downloaded all the digital goodies.  Just note the documentary is still in the works and will be pushed out later.

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I found them in my install folder,
Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity
They're to be found in the corresponding folders. Almanac, Ringtones, Soundtrack, Wallpapers etc..


If they are not there try the following.

Go to your Steam library and right click on the Pillars of Eternity entry, select properties. Switch to the DLC tab and uncheck every DLC. Then slowly recheck every DLC, one after one. Steam should finally recognize the DLCs and start the download.

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