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Serious might and resolve bug, probably having to do with holy power



My Kana has suddenly had his Might changed to 33316, and his resolve to 77708. Needless to say this makes him absurdly powerful and hence completely unusable, as he is able to do thousands of damage per hit. Obvious fixes like resting and dismissing him from the party have not helped. I even tried console commands but they have no effect, and when I click on his attributes in the character sheet there is no mention of any such gigantic bonuses. Specifically, it still reads like this: "Might. Kana: 33316 (14 Base, +2 Aumaua)". Other attributes remain normal.


This happened some time after I killed the boss of the endless paths, and since the bug affects only these two attributes and only this character, I'm fairly confident that it has something to do with his Holy Power spell that he can cast via having the Good Friend crossbow (Holy power grants +3 Might and +7 resolve; Familiar numbers from the now bugged godly stats). I have used the crossbow and it's spellbound Holy Power many times before without incident, so I am not sure why it hasn't happened before. The only obvious thing I did differently now than ever before was using food buffs which also affect attributes, but who knows if that's related.

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