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Does bonus level spells stack with equipment that gives spell bonuses?

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I guess i will find out by myself later on in the game... But still early in act 1 and i rather not waste any level perks. So thanks for any help!

Anyway, my spellcaster have by default 4 level 1 spells to cast. If i choose the level "bonus 1st level spell" talent does that stack with any equipment i might find later in game that also gives +1 bonus of number of level 1 spells? Raising my characters total number of level 1 spells to 6 (4+1+1=6)


Does my talent bonus and equipment bonus negate each other. Making my total number of level 1 spells "only" 5 (as with having two sets of equipment that, for example, each gives +5 bonus to reflexes does not raise ones total reflexes by +10, but rather +5).



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