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pet falls through floors - Endless Paths of Od Nua



So i was venturing forth through the Endless paths of od Nua, went from floor 2 to 5.. everything was OK.

then i went from floor 5 to floor 4 and at a certain moment my pet falls through the floor and the pet portait turns all white.


I though the issue would fit itself if i would go up to floor 3 but when i proceeded south in floor 4 i got an extra all white portrait.. i though i would discover a new party member but in the end i think it's a bug..


I cannot leave this floor anymore because i need to gather my party to proceed.. which i cannnot do because i cannot control the 6th party member.


Here's a screenshot:



I tried to reload and restart the game but without succes.


Please help, i'm stuck and cannot proceed :(

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