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[BUG] Weeping Mother doesnt generate focus anymore



As the title. Im lvl 7 and descending the paths of eternity, currently on lvl 6.
Just noticed that she cant recover any focus through attacking. I tried ranged (bow) and melee (dual stilettos).

I also tried removing her from the party and re-adding, resting, travelling and removing all equipment and re-equiping. 
She does recover focus after the combat is done, but never through attacking.

My game copy is from Steam.

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It's a known issue. The devs have a fix for it so it should make it into the next patch or the one after that: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72492-bug-cipher-focus-gain-permanently-disabled-by-drinking-horn-of-moderation/ (Despite the title it can happen with any object that is supposed to improve focus gain.)

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