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Copperlane District area-wide visual bug





I've run into an issue where Copperland District is completely gray/white to me. As you can see in the screenshots the background appears to not load properly, leaving just the gray fog of war everywhere. I get this every time I try to visit the district, including right after the initial Defiance Bay intro movie/scroll that plays the first time you show up. I've gotten it on Easy, Hard, and Path of the Damned difficulties (included savegames and output_log are from the Easy game). Only thing I've done to my game is change the zoom range to let me zoom out a bit more, but the first time I got the bug was before I even did that. Restarting, saving/loading, and everything else I've tried hasn't fixed it. All other areas of Defiance Bay seem to show up just fine.


First screenshot is of how it looks at night, second is during the day, savegames/log/dxdiag in the included zip.





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Here's a couple more shots of how things look. People/animals show up as wireframes, and for whatever reason I can see a few lit windows and some smoke from what I'm assuming are chimneys.








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Well I feel like an idiot. Totally thought I had already verified all the files but did it again to double-check and sure enough it found 1 file and re-downloaded something, and now it seems fixed. Thanks.

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