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So I actually got bored of my Wizard on Hard mode not far from the end of the game and decided to create a custom Path of the Damned party and would like some advice and input as I really don't know whether what I've come up with is going to work.



Moon Godlike Paladin - Tank/Support(St Elgca)

M - 12

C - 10

D - 4

P -18

I - 15

R - 19


Made her my protagonist so my conversation responses can boost her Faith and Conviction. Dumped Dex so I can max Perception and Resolve and I've taken some Int for buff duration and some Might so she smacks just a bit harder with Flames of Devotion.


Wild Orlan Fighter - Main Tank

M - 8

C - 17

D - 10

P - 21

I - 3

R - 19


Just a flat out tank, nothing special here. Will run in first and grab aggro on stuff and just be a brick. I couldn't really make my mind up which race to be here, I thought their passive of increased defense after being attacked by Will sounded funky, but a Pale Elf for their damage reduction appealed too, maybe even a Fire Godlike for the damage reduction, wasn't sure; input appreciated.


Death Godlike Cipher - High Melee Damage/CC

M - 18

C - 8

D - 19

P - 3

I - 20

R - 10


Maxed int/Might/Dex for massive CC (Mental Binding particularly) and damage. Decided to make him my only melee dps and thought about going for an Estoc. Good DR penetration and on my Cipher on Hard difficulty, he was hitting for upwards of 60. Not sure if I can replicate the same on PoD, perhaps dual wield Stiletto or even ranged Blunderbuss would be better. 


Fire Godlike Chanter - Support/Ranged Damage

M - 18

C - 15

D - 19

P -  3

I - 20

R - 3


Fire Godlike just because, I really don't have a reason other than maxed Int for aura duration and area of affect. Going for some sort of Firearm on him, not sure what would be best, Arquebus or Pistol. Designed to stay at medium range behind the frontline and infront of the backline for maximum aura coverage so I bumped his Con a bit just so he has a bit more defense if caught by 1/2 mobs, not that I expect that bit of Con to save him at all.


Wood Elf Rogue - Ranged Damage

M - 19

C - 13

D - 19

P - 10

I - 14

R - 3


Decided on a ranged Rogue. Never been fussed on Rangers and I don't feel like micro managing a wet paper bag of a companion just so my Ranger doesn't suck when it inevitably dies. Was going to go for War Bows due to the one that stuns on Crit, combined with Rogue's ability to crit a lot. Bumped Int slightly for longer Blinds/Hobbles etc and Wood Elf for the ranged accuracy.


Death Godlike Wizard - Primarily CC/Some damage

M - 18

C - 10

D - 19

P - 3

I - 20

R - 8


Wizard CC is gloriously amazing in this game, can't imagine playing without it. I will take some key damage spells, Blinding Fog, Fan of Flames and Minor Blights but he's mainly going to be debuffing and CCing then just love tapping away with Arcane Blast/Wand attacks, I have plenty damage elsewhere...I think.


Ok, so the big issue for me is, no Priest. I see 3 optional characters in my party, The Rogue, The Chanter and The Paladin. If I replaced the Rogue with a priest, I'd definitely lack damage. If I took the Paladin out, my frontline would be too weak. If I lost the Chanter, my ranged damage would suffer due to the lack of Aura and the Phantom Invocation is far too strong Imo. I could maybe take out the Wizard? I'm not sure, input would be appreciated, as well as any input/ideas about my party in general. Fighter and Cipher I feel a mandatory btw, I would need serious reasons to remove either.


Anyway thank you!

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