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Larder Door Shield Issue



This has probably been answered but what does Bash on this shield do?The tooltip is bugged and it won't activate.Also there is a damage modifier(crush I think) so shouldn't I be able to attack with it?

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Equipping the shield should result in it being used as an off-hand weapon by bashing it against enemies.

The confusing part is that with regards to auto pause this effect is considered as an ability (which pauses therefore way too frequently if you have pause on ability usage).


Also, nobody seems to know whether equiping this shield results in the fighting stance being considered as weapon/shield or two-weapons or both with regards to talents. Weapon/shield can be decided by seeing if the weapon/shield talent applies, but the two-weapons talent increases attack speed which is not shown numerically in the character sheet.


I also think this is not technical support but gameplay.

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