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Starlight canyon ( Lle a Rhemen dungeon puzzle)

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Hi forum,


This is my first post here and repect english isn't my first language.

I finished the Quest "Cupper under the sea" (the 2nd "Dozen" Quest) and i am wondering what the stone faces are doing in the dungeon.

I finished the Quest one time with giving the stone faces answers and now without -> same result.

That means this puzzle isnt linked with the Dozen quest.

The symbols (4 in each room) in the two rooms where the faces are located are glowing up after answering ( of course different answers diffrent symbols).

The room in the middle of the dungeon has the same 8 symbols on the floor. If u move now two chars on the two symbols glowing in the "face- rooms" they are lighting up too.  Great. Now i have no plan what to do next. I would highly appreciate any help u can give me.

One extra note. I activated the dirctors comment and while entering the dungeon first time the comment said sth about choosing your weapon or sth like that. I am pretty sure that at the end of the puzzle u will get a weapon and what weapon is affected by the answers.




EDIT: Ok u can delet this mods ( or can i by myselfe) i found the answer already answered in the forum ... i am a **** -.-

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