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Graphic Oddity on Character Movement



Basically, when my characters are in motion an opaque, blue field covers about 2/3 of my screen.  Once the characters all come to a stop, the field goes away.  I've tried the msaa console command and that doesn't help, it actually makes it worse in some ways.  Strangely enough, holding down the Tab key to highlight interact-able objects will cause the field to go away, but only if there are interactive objects withing the field of vision to highlight. 

     There was a topic posted about this previously, but the poster in that thread was able to solve the issue by disabling some over-clocking software he had installed.  I am not savvy enough (an idiot, really) to try to overclock anything on my computer (or even 100% understand what that would entail) so I doubt that my issue is directly analogous.  

     Anyway, here is a screenshot of the issue:



And here are my system specs:


HP Pavillion HPE Desktop

WIndows 7 64 bit

Intel Core i7-2600 3.4GHz

8 gb Ram

NVIDIA GeForce 210


As you can probably tell, I am not exactly overly technically-literate so any help anyone could provide would be most appreciated.  Also, if I have left out any key information, please let me know. Thanks.

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