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Bug: Plague of Insects from Ogre Druid doesn't end



When my characters are infected with Plague of Insects from the Ogre Druids in the endless paths, there is no end to the effect. It continues on after battle, and my characters keep losing their healths. The only way to stop health from continually depleting until the character is dead is to rest for 8 hours - and then the effect visuals and status icon still continues, but the deleterious impact on health stops. To make the visual effect go away, I have to quit and restart the game.


Oh, and even after a rest, if I get into a new battle, the health damage starts from the Plague of Insects again.

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The problem is that there is no duration attached to the Plague of Insects debuff when cast by ogre druids / matrons. Normally, a spell like that would have a duration on the current magical effects bar next to character portraits, but not in this case.


Hopefully, this will be an easy fix.

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