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I've been noticing something strange in the game where I equip certain items and they don't seem to raise said stats. Is this a glitch or are certain classes only able to benefit from certain armour types?


My recent example: I found a Minor Braces of Deflection (+5). I tried to equip it on both my fighter (who has 92 deflection) and my paladin (who has 66 deflection) and when I put it on the deflection stat does not increase. However when I put this on my wizard (who has 13 deflection it DOES increase). Dunno why that is?

Is there also a chance my deflection is already maxed out (if that's possible in this game) on my fighter/paladin?


Thanks for any help!

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I think you can only receive a defense bonus (deflection, reflex etc) from one source. They don't stack. A shield might be an exception to the rule. So if you already have a cloak, ring or something else that adds a deflection bonus, you won't receive the bonus from the bracers.

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