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Hello Everyone! 


I really enjoy the game so far, so thank you Obsidian for the great game :-).


I have a Question about the Stronghold attack/defence. I got a message that the stronghold will be attacked in 4 days. So I stopped my current Quest and travelled back to the Stronghold and waited for the attack. I arrived and the clock said, that the attack will beginn in 2 Hours. I then waited at the east gate (the Message said that the attackers crossed the east borders or something like that) on the arriving of the enemys. Then I get the message that the attack is over and I had to pay 1300 KP for repairs. Then I reloaded and waited on the other gate, but again, no enemys and a message that I have to pay 1300 KP for repairing the stronghold... I then tried it again and was waiting  outside of the main castle, but still no enemys and a order to pay the repair costs... 


So what am I doing wrong? Where do I have to wait for the enemy to fight them? How can I defend my Stronghold without repair costs?




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