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Game crashes when exiting the cave in first forest





My character is in a cave (The one with the bear in the first forest). The game crashes at the end of loading. The loading screen stays, but the sound changes to the forest music, and the cursor changes to the character movement cursor. The game then crashes completely. I am then prompted by my operating system user session password screen, as if I logged out.  When logging back in, an error message is displayed saying that there is a problem with graphics. Then the game boots itself automatically. If I reload the game, the same crash occurs.


Since I couldn't do anything else, I finished the game with the bear as a final boss. The combat was epic, but the 27 xp a little bit underwhelming.



Steps to reproduce the issue:


From the save file:

exit the cave.


Since the save file can't be loaded,

Difficulty medium, male pointy-eared halfling, rogue. Enter the cave in the forest before Gilded Vale. Exit the cave.



For some reason, the forum refuses my uploads. When uploading only the save file, it says You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file.


When I send the zipped file, it says This upload failed


I tried both the advanced and basic uploader.


Thanks !



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