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Druid Bugs



After putting together a list of reproducible early game ranger bugs/issues, I found a few for druid as well


-The common issues I've seen for druids is the tooltip error for spiritshift listing it as modal.  Sort of related and maybe intentional, but all spiritshift forms gain 5 passive DR ignore, which is not listed in the tooltip for spiritshift or weapons gained through spiritshift.


-Cat spiritshift attack speed seems the same as stag and wolf.  This may be intentional, but every other spiritshift form has an active and passive benefit (except boar which has 2 passives), so it seems odd that cat form would only get one benefit.


-The boar spiritshift passive health regeneration ability (druid boar regeneration) lasts after the spiritshift expires, until the end of combat (it behaves just like fighter constant recovery).  This happens even through knock outs.


-The stag defenses passive lasts after the spiritshift expires.  This seems to be permanent, so free +7 to all defenses.


-The stag spiritshift ability druid stag carnage has a few issues.  First, it has a longer base duration than spiritshift (it does not list a duration in its tooltip), so it always lasts after spiritshift ends.  It also behaves oddly in that it is activatable from pause (the only other action I can think of that can also do this is weapon set shifting) and does not provide a visible buff (it does give a deactivation message in the combat log though, like other combat passives).  Incidentally, the ability has incredibly low base damage unrelated to melee damage: 1-6 with no DR ignore compared to 16-25 spiritshift melee base damage with 5 DR ignore.  It seems to behave similarly to the ranger pet ability stag carnage instead of the barbarian passive carnage.


On the plus side, I haven't noticed any problems with any lvl 1 druid spells.

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