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Things I love and a couple suggestions

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Well, I am finishing up what I would guess to be act 2, have done every side quest, and finished level 8 of the dungeon (holy wonderful armor batman).


1) You can alt tab...oh ya, some games still have a hard time with this, Pillars does not, kudos


2) No crashes, none, no hint of lag, no memory leaks, good job.


3) Fun and variable character builds. I have played to level 5ish, with 4 different characters so far, it's my ranged rogue I am playing though the game with right now. Nobody seems to be stuck in the role of Tank/Healer/DPS, so that's nice.


4) I like the companions, they seem well written, and the stories are good.


5) Though I don't click on every yellow named NPC in the world, I do sometimes, and appreciate the effort put into filling out the world with some interesting NPCs.


6) There are definitely challenges in the campaign, even on Normal, and it's easy to see how you will have to really employ strategy on higher difficulties.


7) The story has been interesting so far.


8) I like the scenery and the graphics, some of the armors and weapons have really nice skins, the afore mentioned armor sparkles quite nicely.



No real complaints so far, some suggestions though.



1) I do feel like the towns could be a bit more vibrant, more populated, but then I suppose some people are still running with 3 gig of ram.


2) I am not sure on modern systems we need loading screens, I mean, you transition from cutscene to world without one, why can't everything be that way?, it may also be related to the 3 gig of ram folks, but when can we leave those guys behind. Gal Civ 3 is doing it.


3) Please let us name saves, or better yet, have a different save file for each character, like in some other games.


4) More companions please, I find two tanks to be quite necessary, but at this moment my rogue, who is a bit dastardly, has to run with a noble paladin. I know I can make adventurers, but I like the companions a lot  :no:

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