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Wurm bug




All maps infect with friendly Wurm. In nex map, after start combat it never ends.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

It begins after use Chanter skill 2lvl whot suumon 3 wurm. It don`t vanish after batle. And become a paty member. After combat end. It Revive agayn. If use this skill more then once at 1 combat, old wurm revive like friendly. And this point begin to be spawn point for wyrm in all map.



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I have the same issue.


With a chanter I summoned 3 wurms which did not despawn after the combat ended.

I moved to a different map and they came with me, I could still control them.

Now in some places I enter I cannot control the wurms and they randomly stand somewhere on the map.

A bit later now a multitude of random friendly uncontrollable wurms appear all over the map.

They seem to be fighting monsters and this does not allow me to go out of combat or leave the area...

Thus I would label this a gamebreaking bug.


I think if I would wait long enough they would eventually kill all the mobs they're in combat with, or be killed themselves.

But some of them spawn in walls, which stops the NPC's from attacking them.


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I saved and reloaded, tried to enter new areas but the wurms still appear everywhere after the patch.

So sadly:

  • Ranger Animal Companions should not disappear anymore and broken animals will be restored after loading and saving the game.

didn't include summoned wurms.

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