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Five UI glitches

Antonius Maximus


The first two glitches are visible in this screenshot:




#1: The group is in scouting mode and I hid the middle UI console, now the green indicator is on Durances portrait.

#2: My main character doesn't have three weapon sets, only two, but three are visible. The third one is Kana's, but it's still visible for other characters after switching Kana's weapons sets.

#3: It's fairly impossible to drag and drop items from one character to another when in the shopping menu, the character list scrolls in a way that makes the item transfer impossible. Try it. Single clicking the item adds it to the sale, so you have to drag and drop.

#4: Often mouseover information doesn't appear on items you're looting. I'll take a screenshot when it happens the next time.

#5: Not 100% sure about this one, going to test it after posting. If you loot an item by dragging and dropping it on a character portrait, the number of empty slots that character has doesn't update.


There was a sixth UI glitch, but I couldn't reproduce it. In the custom formation menu I dragged Aloth's portrait on my main character's portrait and Aloth's portrait graphic was multiplied, so there were two Aloths in the formation.

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