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Could have been perfect...

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I really like this game so far but in my opinion it would be perfect if they had kept some of the gameplay mechanics from the IE games.



- Only difference between in combat and out of combat should be inv management, not this encounter system

- All spells castable whenever you want

- Chars should be able to sneak individually

- Secret finding should not be tied to sneaking

- Enemies should not simply head back to their original position when you move far enough away Oo

That alone is more cheesable then anything above options would allow combined. (Shoot, retreat, shoot, retreat...)


BG I and II are my favourite games ever, even spent countless hours installing heavily modded versions.

I think the gameplay there is simpy better, it allows for more diverse strategies and gives you more opportunity to roleplay( I mean in the way you control your party), instead of having a sneaking cluster of heros doublespeeding through the map.


I am still enjoying this game though and once I finished it I will play another round of Big World Project Baldurs Gate. :yes:

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