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Sanitarium North Ward Door



Hi Everyone,

Think I've found a bug in the Sanitarium Basement where the North Ward Door is inactive/not-registering.

After getting the key from Azo (after talking to the Warden and Freyol), I can't click on the door at all, and using Tab or Caps Lock doesn't show the door as highlighted. Talking to the guard doesn't seem to affect it, and leaving/re-entering and loading other saves isn't helping either.

Unless I'm missing something glaringly obvious...

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I am having the same bug and I don't think you're missing anything glaringly obvious.


The door is not clickable before or after getting the key from Azo. For now I have started to do other quests in hopes that this gets fixed in the bug patch this week, but I'm running out of things to do and would like to advance.


I've read of another bug in the Sanitarium where after completing the basement area, the first floor goes entirely hostile. I wonder if they are related somehow?


Anyways, I'm hoping this bump makes it visible to others who are having the same problem.


If this doesn't get any attention, I'll look into beating the game by using the console to bypass this bug, but it really sucks to forfeit all the Steam achievements.

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