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Reputation Bug or Working as intended ? ( SPOILER)

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hello everyone ! Here is the situation:


- I met i guess the 2 major faction of the main city ( The smithing knight and the Dozens) took their first quest and did them .( i was ok i did the presentation and now i have to choose ) .  I was heading to get the other quest , went to the dozens and took it  .Then i went to the knight but there the commander told me that i was too friendly with the dozens .


 I mean i'm very pleased with the reputation system but this should happend after the second quest of each faction and how u solved them . There is no logical explantion og being stuck with the dozens because i did the " presentation " of each side .



So is it normal ? can i fix it up ?  ( i wont take an older savegame because i did SO many things between) i m actually kina Honored with the kngiht but no Commander wont give me a task...


I'm planning to go for the dozens quest to see if i can mess it up or betray them for the knight . Hope it ll fix things . I read somewhere on this forum that people who killed dozens to get low rep did not fix the problem .


Sorry for english i'm not native .


I hope someone knows a bit more about it.

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