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CTD leaving Ruin Interior at start of game



I've been playing through the game on Trial of Iron and have had to restart several times because I walked blindly into a bad situation.  Yesterday after losing a party that I had sunk several hours into I decided to take a break and play another game.  


After coming back to Pillars of Eternity I created a new character and started the trek through the Ruin, upon trying to leave the ruin however the game immediately crashed.  This was the first CTD I experienced so I re-loaded the save (which put me back at the beginning of the Ruins) and threw on Fast Mode and ran through it again.  Once again I encountered a CTD.  I tried killed my companions and moving through the scene transition; CTD.  I tried taking all of my items off and moving through the transition; CTD.


I had been avoiding reddit and these boards due to fear of spoilers, but at this point I felt I need to try to find other's with this bug.  So I discovered the Raedric's Hold bug and thought that that seemed plausible and so I scrubbed that save file and created a new character and once again, when trying to leave the Ruins that game crashed.  My last ditch effort at debugging was to restart my computer, because maybe the games that I played after Pillars the previous day could have locked something up or caused a memory leak, but my subsequent attempt to leave the Ruins again resulted in a CTD.


Additionally I seem to be unable to upload any of the requested files:

1. Saved game reported that I do not have permission to upload that kind of file.

2. DXDiag.txt and output_log.txt both failed to upload with no error code.


Link to drop box: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3508k9vivo1gs40/PillarsOfEternityDiagFiles.zip?dl=0

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