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Make Melee Engagement a modal ability that locks the engager in place, like deploying a siege tank in Starcraft

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If the primary purpose of Melee Engagement was to enable characters to "hold the line", why should it be a factor when they're the ones charging forward or moving around the battlefield? Why should it be a factor when there are no "lines" to speak of at all?


Make it a modal ability that you need to toggle (including a short activation/deactivation time) which plants you in place, like deploying a Siege Tank in Starcraft:




This would prevent so many engagement exploits and it would make things a lot easier to understand. The button for activating it could take the place of the infamous "Guard" button from the Infinity Engine games that nobody used.

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Guest 4ward

either melee stickiness is in or it’s not. There’s no compromise. Stop trying to mix turn-based with IE. IE uses spells/abilities, area and encounter design to do what this game tries to do with its system. IE has corridors that are narrow which you can use to your advantage if you want, this is what restricts movement in IE. It’s not more artificial/cheaper than the system this game uses. Yet with this system some of the crowd control from IE is ruined. The little playground that the IE games were is ruined. Was BG2 flawless? No, i guess not, am not a game designer. But what i know from playing the entire BG series is that BG1 had so-so combat, TotSC had better combat and BG2 had the best combat and all of them used the same system. 15 years ago BG2 showed how to improve and what's needed to do but there's this trying to reinvent the wheel. But it's pointless, it's a taboo topic...

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