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Stronghold cellphone updates (possible spoilers)

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Hey guys! Enjoying your weekend playing PoE? I am! Awesome game so far.


There's just one place that has fallen short of my expectations so far... and that's the stronghold. 


It's just not that fun... I'm not sure why. But I have some theories.


1) I know the psychic statue that sends you updates was probably created for the players convenience but... its terribly immersion breaking. Because it makes the stronghold feel like a cheap cellphone game. I feel like occasionally my rogue whips out her cellphone and sees "construction complete" and then makes some in-app purchases to get more buildings.


2) I would have liked some more meaningful NPCs to hang out there. Occasionally you save a shopkeeper or a chef. Those people should go hang out at the stronghold.


3) Getting attacked feels really "mini-game"-ish. Like you're suddenly teleported to a hallway, you fight and then you're teleported back.  Couldn't some more have been done there?


Anyone else feeling this way?

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