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Cannot access previous saved games



As long as I'm in the same gaming session, I can save and load my games without any problems.  However, after I quit the application and start it up later, all my previously saved games are nowhere to be found.  Continue and Load on the menu screen are grayed out, and if I start up a new game and get to the point where I can load saves, none of the previous saves are there.  I was able to find the folder that holds all of my saves (Windows 8 OS); it appears that all the files are there, including multiple autosave files, so the game must not be able to read them for some reason.


I'm trying to upload the Output Log and System Specs, as well as a screenshot of my Saved Games folder, but it isn't working.  Hopefully they won't be necessary here...

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Try starting the game as an admin. Happened to me too.

To elaborate: You might have started the game in admin mode the first time, which results in a different savegame location than if you would play it with your normal windows account.

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