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Map Reset



When loading my last savegame (Raedric's Hold; my second time there) i noticed the game had progressed to nighttime. The whole map was under fog-of-war again and everything had been reset, including NPCs. I couldn't use the vine anymore though, for some reason.

I traveled back to the stronghold and entered the main hall, only to find it had reset aswell, but this time without any npc spawns. The throne was non-interactable and the door to the cellar was shut again. I think i'm pretty much stuck here now.


Is there a console command that let's you open doors or remove objects?

My quest progression is still intact and i can still upgrade the stronghold.

Some party banter was being played when i got near the entrance of the main hall. (Aloth's split personality dialogue)

A speech bubble icon appear in Edér's portrait, but only standart dialogue is accesible.


Are there any workarounds for my situation or do i have to reinvest 20h into the game?

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topic with the same issue https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74194-couple-of-problems-with-quests-and-maps-resetting/

Still no response from developers when this bug which is corrupting our savegames will be fixed.

I am 99% sure that data in your current savegame is unrepairable and you should go back to the latest working savegame. Why I am so sure? My corrupted savegame was about 450KB size where the working one was more than 1MB.

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