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Disengage Pathing and Auto-Engage

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If anyone knows a way to turn off auto-engage please tell me as I dont see it in options. I have two great annoyances with the game so far im sitting at around level six and while I've turned combat up to hard it's moderately challenging but standard Isometric strategies work great, CC, Doors, etc. 


My major frustration is with Disengage attacks which are usually the result of enemies being auto-engaged by an autoattacking rogue. I've turned auto attack off but like Cursor Caging it doesnt seem to work. Situation A, Warrior with defensive on is standing at a doorway about 2 spaces back to allow rogue and combat priest to engage on either side. Mob A gets into position and is quickly killed, rogue then rushes forward into the doorway now being attacked by 3 enemies. I can use the ability to disengage but I get one, the rogue could be made to be pulled back but will likely die from 3 disengage attacks or can simply die in place which is more optimal though it costs me the DPS for the fight. 


What I'd like most is simply the Guard or Hold position option, again if i'm not seeing it just tell me and I'll be super pumped. 

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