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Just some Feedback regarding the role-playing system in PoE after 8 or so hours of play (and 3 rerolls).


1 Portraits - there is a glaring issue regarding portraits breaking immersion in character creation, namely there aren't enough!


Getting to the end of your roll and being presented with a smiling human face after rolling a bad-ass rogue dwarf is bad enough but finding that there is nothing even close to your creation is soul destroying after an hour in there.


Solution suggestion: Composite Portraits. Photoshop layers allow and artist to build a composition up layer by layer so we could have a face layer for each racial face choice, a hair layer for each hairstyle, a facial hair layer, a lighting layer based on character background (Gold and White for Clergyman, Autumnal browns for laborer) etc. Each choice generates a number in a code which corresponds to your combination and your finished portrait (This was attempted somewhat in game with one of the Elvin portraits I believe).


Barring this just put Portraits first so we can design are Characters around the portrait we prefer! More high quality portraits equal more options. - The NPC portraits are great but some of the main portraits leave allot to be desired.


2 Character Roleplay - So your newly rolled nimble and quick witted Orlan Rogue (including ill fitting portrait) with high damage output (High Might stat!) performs a Might check to see if he can... um... break down a wall?!... and despite his meager stature - he's only 4 foot 3 inches - ...succeeds! Um... What?


So first off I love the stat system in the game; 3 corporal stats, Might, Constitution, Dexterity and 3 Mental stats Perception, Intellect and Resolve, all good. Conversation options obviously check attribute levels - with the above example being just one possible jarring outcome. However the game already provides another layer of stats which I feel would be better for some conversation role-play options; the defense stats stupid!


PoE stats pair up very nicely in case you hadn't noticed, High Might and Constitution equals high Fortitude, perfect for a marauding Ixamitl plains Barbarian build! - Collapsing a wall or other physical feats could be checked against physical prowess, namely Fortitude.


High Dexterity and Perception equal high Reflex, perfect for our White that Wends Elvin archer build! - You've noticed a pickpocket lifting something from an unsuspecting stranger, why not try to pin him to the wall with an expert arrow shot before he can make a getaway? Quick wits and feats of skill could be checked against Reflex.


High Intellect and Resolve equals high Will, perfect for our genius Vailian Orlan Cipher build! - You challenge an animancer to a game of chess (or the PoE equivalent) to resolve your differences! Some mental feats could be checked against Will.


Now an argument against this might be that players will spread their stats to much trying to cover all eventualities, but then why have these perfectly logical and elegant stats in the game in the first place? Please use them to avoid absurd situations occurring. And yes this is all because of Might! Damned Might!

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