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Sound goes on, but nothing happens onscreen





I have a problem at the very beginning of the game. When I enter the site with Older Robed Man and he finishes his speech I can see him walk up to the strange machine and... Nothing happens. He just stands there. The screen doesn't freeze completely - leaves are still animated and people standing are slightly moving, but Older Man doesn't start the spell or something. However the sound goes on as if nothing happened - I can hear the machine start working, men scream.


I tried coming to the site again, with another hero, this time having only Calisha as companion, but that didn't do the trick.

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I have encountered the same issue, however on the third try it randomly happened to work (that is the third try using the same game, i.e. not restarting from scratch but just reloading). The "Older Robed Man" is supposed to cast some sort of spell that fires up the machine in front of him, my guess is that maybe his casting failed the first two times?



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