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Chanter summon 'Human Skeleton' re-occuring respawn bug.



The Chanter 'Summon Skeleton' ability bugged out in Roedricks castle and left one of the skeletons as a permanent fixture that is loaded into any map I've entered since, regardless of party setup changes, other summoned minions or map entered.


After having summoned the skeletons using the companion Chanter in a fight against the Sanctum group, one of the skeletons was left alive after a game was loaded to restart the fight and has since spawned with 'Barely Alive' status on every map I've entered. The skeleton cannot be controlled, but can and will be engaged in combat by hostile mobs wherever it is on the map as soon as one is loaded. The location of the spawned skeleton seems to be roughly the same on every map, allowing for their different sizes and layouts.


Attached is my latest save game (none remains from when the bug occurred since I thought little of it at the time), as well as a link to a screenshot that demonstrates the persistence and ludicrousness of this bug.




Addendum: Please double the possible upload file size and allow for clean savegames to be uploaded in order to save your community some trouble in reporting issues.


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