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[Issue] Transition Crashes at Raedric's Hold



I'd like to start by saying that I love this game, and anything I can do to help seems very much worth it. I hope you guys improve and build upon this fine release.


I didn't have this problem at all until entering Raedrics Hold. Now several areas cause the game to hang and crash upon trying to enter them. They show the load screen, then go to black with the red slash circle as your mouse pointer, then crash. This occurs every time.


When I first got to Raedrics Hold(the very first area outside), I went left and to the Ivy Wall and climbed up. I didn't explore any other part of that first area. I went across the Upper Rampart and then into the Hold.


The red circled areas cause this issue. The first one I encountered was to the Siege Platform area.


Sucks cause now I can't leave the way I came to get away from the dang place. There's still some area to move through and explore though. I'll see what happens.




Output log when trying to go to Upper Ramparts.



System Specs




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