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[ feature request ] little changes, big impact



Here are a few small ease-of-use changes that would make POE so much more player-friendly. Any chance of getting these in a future patch?

1)  Add a hotkey to show/hide the text log, and one to show/hide the center part of the HUD (the buttons and clock). Currently there's no quick way to toggle these separately.

2)  When the HUD is hidden, the tab key to highlight ground items should still work. This almost seems like a bug.

3) Make the UI buttons big enough to click on easily. Some of them are tiny, which makes them a pain to use. Especially the show/hide buttons on HUD elements, scroll buttons for text boxes, scroll bars, and +/- buttons during character creation.

4) Make fixed-size text boxes as tall as possible, so the player doesn't have to constantly scroll to read the whole thing. This is an issue in character creation, where the text box is only 1/3 the screen height, with nothing but wasted space above and below. It makes learning about the game a lot of work.


5) Add a hotkey to PAUSE the game, and if it's already paused, do nothing. Right now, my pauses get converted into unpauses because the game autopaused at the last second.

6) Dialogs with descriptive text, like item descriptions, need an "ok" or "cancel" button at the bottom. After years of Windows and Mac UIs, it's very weird to not have that button. I keep hitting the crafting button out of mistake/habit.


That's all! I really think these would benefit all players, and hopefully not be too hard to implement.


Thanks for a terrific game.

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