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My CHARNAME for my first game is a Wood Elf, Cipher, Scientist from the Living Lands.


Might 18 Constitution 3 Dexterity 18 Perception 18 Intellect 18 Resolve 3


For this character I envision, someone who is so consumed with power that he does not realize he has have his body to its physical and mental limits. While they may have great strength and speed, neither can be maintained for long. Also years of honing his psyche ability has resulted in the development of a bad habit that causes him to frequently get lost in their own mind.  


Thus he uses his skills to make up for his weaknesses. Shadow has become his friend, as he hides in the darkness, and then uses his bow and psychic abilities to get the upper hand on anything he may be forced to confront in combat.


In addition he makes use of whatever technology he can find, and disability any trap that may be in his way. 


What are your thoughts on the character?

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