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Hi all

First i have to say that i love the game so far, but it is a couple of things i am wondering.

I am using two monitors and as the game is on my right monitor i can scroll up, down and to the right with the mouse.

But not to the left as it goes to my other monitor. Anything i can do about that?

The other thing is that the game is on my "main" monitor and i cant seem to find a way to move it to my "game" monitor. The second monitor.

Is there a way to do that?

Kind regards


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The mouse cage issue is a known bug and will hopefully be fixed in the next patch.


As for playing the game on your second monitor, since there is no option ingame for switching monitors your only hope would be either a 3rd Party program or fiddling with the Screen settings and changing your primary monitor every time you want to play.

Hopefully they will add an option for this in the game for those that desire it.

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