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Fog of war looks very dark

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Is there any way to decrease fog of war intesity? Or hide it when looking at the Map? It looks somewhat okay during the day, but at night or in dungeons the map is more or less a black blot and it's very hard to see anything. I get that the game must indicate vision radius, but must it cover everything else in pitch blackness? It just does not look good. And I could not find any brightness setting too.

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I find both the area your sight of vision can see to small, and the difference between discovered map and undiscovered map to little. That is to say they are both shades of black.


It is a unnecessary frustration and reduces the quality of the game. The hand made isometric backgrounds are meant to be a major reason for making the game but I can't see them ever they just fade to black. Once discovered only active elements should be removed from sight in the fog.


The line of sight is ridiculous, look out your window how far can you see, my party must be suffering from a curse of  'feeble eye' they can see up to 5 metres away.


I waiting for a fix, I can't play it like this! I want something that feels a bit like BG2

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I had this problem as well and could not see anything on the maps if I wasn't currently looking @ the place I was standing.


I tried changing the settings on my monitor from 'theater' to 'night mode' and now everything looks OK.  The game appears a bit too bright as a result, but, I used the gamma settings to fix that.


Not the ideal solution, but, it worked for me.

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