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Tweaking and suggestions.

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Solid game so far but few issues I think could be tweaked or added.


One thing I like very much is, if you have multiple weapon sets you actually HAVE those weapons visible on your body.  So if I have in weapon slot 1 a 2h sword, and 2 a crossbow, the crossbow will show when I have the 2hander selected and visa versa.  HOWEVER, for some reasons crossbows are attached to my butt.  I think this is an error since I would imagine it would be on my back, not my butt.


Another thing I noticed which is rather annoying, if you bind left alt/right alt to something, it doesn't work.  I set left alt to highlight items etc...  This never works.  While I'm on keybindings, the default keybindings sometimes have 1 key on 2 seperate entities.  The tab key, which I wanted to use for 2 things, can't be used even though as a default they are.  I would like the ability to keybind 2 keys for 2 things, so like under the interface section of keybindings, Tab is used to go through the different characters in your party, and is also tied to something else.  I don't recall what because i changed it around and now I can't apply tab to Next Tab, and what I have it currently set at.  I hope this gets addressed.  I've seen games do this so I know it's doable.


The last thing I have at the time of writing this is, you can hold shift and click the standard number keys 1-9 at the top of the keyboard and it will select those party members simultaneously.  HOWEVER, if you hold shift and click the characters in the main window to select multiple characters it just selects that individual character.  Would like to see this so I can add the characters clicked the same as holding shift and clicking 1-9.


Will add more as I come across.

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Another oddity that I find, when listening to dialogue, sometimes it's voiced, sometimes it's not.  And there is explanatory bits prior to the dialogue which is never read.  I would love to see everything read, the explanatory bits by a general singular voice, and all the other dialogue voiced.  Wishful thinking maybe but it tends to come off as a bit "half-arsed", excuse my french.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the voice-work.  Just would love to see it "finished" persay.

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