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Keybindings not working unless set to original binds, double esc keybind problem



Issue #1:


I was changing my keybindings when I accidentally hit escape while within the "choose which key you would like to use" part of the process. Escape was already bound to options, so it asked me if I was sure I wanted to undo my keybind. I did not, so I hit escape to remove myself from the prompt and reset the bind. The game promptly froze on a dim screen showing the "Do you want to save these options?" prompt.


Issue #2:


I bound my highlight intractables to Left Alt. This worked for the first part of the tutorial and after the wind storm (which I am not even going to attempt to spell) and for a few moments in the ruins as well. When I reached the abandoned camp to the left at the very first split I pressed Left Alt but no highlighting appeared, although mousing over the specific items did highlight them. Left alt continued to not highlight, even after setting the bind for highlight intractables to a different key and then resetting it back to Left Alt. I then tried several other keys, all of which did not highlight. I finally reset the keybind to it's original bind, Tab, which did end up working. Afterwards I attempted to set the keybind back to Left Alt, which, as before, did not highlight.


I then fully shut down the game and restarted it from Steam. The problem did not resolve itself, and I am still in the same situation. All I want are my PoE (MY OTHER POE) keybinds, and, apparently, to type Left Alt more times than I ever have in the rest of my life. Left Alt Left Alt Left Alt.


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