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BUG: hotkey for character selection not working corectly



I use hotkeys alot and I can select my party with 2,3, 4 and 5 and so on but 1 selects the same party member as 2 not my selfmade character which would but logical. To me this must be a bug because there is no way (from my knowledge) to select yourself which is frustrating imo

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I encounter the same problem:  in a party of three, '1' and '3' do the expected, but '2' selects character '3', no matter how I order them.  Letting a character leave and rejoin the party does not change the behavior (after rejoin).


Initially things worked fine, and I am not sure when it started to misbehave.  I am relatively certain it did not change due to change in party composition, but possibly when re-ordering party members.


Thanks, Andre


PS.: love the game! :D

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1-9 are hot groups.


Try this fix.  Select your main character using the mouse, then ctrl+1.

Then select your second character using the mouse, then ctrl+2.

So on and so forth.


That should reset your hot group keys.


Incidentally you can but whatever selection you want in whatever group you want.

For example box selecting characters 1 and 3 and ctrl+4 will allow #4 to select characters 1 and 3.

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I found the assignment of hotkeys to spells etc (hovering + button), but that seems not to apply to the weapon slot switch :/

That's correct, currently there is no way to bind switching weapon sets to a hotkey.

Perhaps this is a feature that Obsidian will look into for the future.

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