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What the Lightside missed/What the Darkside missed

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I love KoToR, but that was based more on story than game play. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the game play, but it was lacking a few things. Here are the lightside/darkside things missing at least.



Missing from the Lightside:


They did the best on the Lightside IMO. I did find a few things annoying. The fist was on Talis. You would break into someone's room, steal their stuff, listen to them beg you not to hurt them, and there was nothing wrong with this. How about at least a Greayside point? Loose some of that goody goody for breaking in. Let mode know before hand that is the case, since it would be the first game I know of to actually do it.


This is a Dark/Light issue On Dantooine in the cave I killed those eggs. First I don't see why I had to. How did the eggs have a crystal to start with? Second though there was no Darkside point or Lightside. If killing unborn life isn't a Darkside point, then surely saving future people from being attacked by those spider things is worth a Lightside? I really think I shouldn't have had to do it at all, but when I did I should have gotten a Darkside point.



Missing from the Darkside:


You had to play a thug most of the time to get a Darkside point. My character wasn't a thug. Beating up kids for lunch money wasn't his style. Force Manipulating those trappers on Kashyyk so the ran away and the others killed them was. Cutting down anyone in my way with my lightsaber was. I don't mind brute force, but you don't have to be a bully to be evil. It was hard to keep Darkside points a few times. What I was doing was evil because of the reason I did them.


(add) Ah another thing. Some of the "Neutral" powers should have give a darkside point depending on how they were used. If I force push a droid(which they were immune in the game, but they threw them all around in the movies) off a cliff it shouldn't matter, but if I did that to a living person it should be a Darkside point.


(add) Also I should be able to strike down anyone(save maybe storyline needed person). All those arrogant sith I couldn't strike down when they didn't bow down to me.



I had some others as well, but now I've forgotten them. I'll add them as I remember.

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I agree with the last Darkside point, most of the time you received DS points by being petty, or by saying something cruel.


Come on, why can't I stop in the street and force choke that annoying jerk who got in my way, or use force lightning to fry someones speeder as they go by?


I would like some real evil choices, instead of the watered down gradeschool junk that was offered in the last game.




Using a gamepad to control an FPS is like trying to fight evil through maple syrup.

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This is a Dark/Light issue On Dantooine in the cave I killed those eggs. First I don't see why I had to. How did the eggs have a crystal to start with?


Because metal crates would look silly, silly :)

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