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Champion Edition Content on Steam vs. Backer Portal Almanac

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I can't help but feel a little silly having paid $15 for the digital almanac through the Backer Portal when the almanac appears to be included with the $15 Champion Edition Content  purchase on Steam. The Champion Edition Content on Steam also includes the soundtrack, map, and making of documentary. 

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I bought the Champ edition and I'm glad to hear it's a good deal apparently! However, I did not get any cool forum emblems beneath my avatar to show I bought it and you did get those for being a backer!  >_<


On a serious note, I'm not a backer because I only learned of this game a few months ago, but if I would have been able to back this game through Kickstarter, I would have gladly done so because I really want this game to be made. I'd know beforehand what I'd get for my money IF the game was ever made and I'd be happy with that no matter what other people got who'd buy the game close to release... as long as the difference in price/reward isn't too big (I'm talking absurd differences here). I personally couldn't be bothered with maps and almanacs and documentaries.


But hey, if it's true backers are getting less worth for their money than people who are buying the game now, I'd be the last one to complain if Obsidian gave the backers more stuff and even mooooooore stuff so they'd get more than anyone who's not a backer.

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