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UI option to hide "requirements not met"?

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I played SWTOR MMO for some time. It had an excellent option to hide what inclination to which Side of the Force your answer was leaning your character to. I saw that Pillars of Eternity have red choices where your character do not have enough point in one attribute or skill. I have to say I'd like to see these "warnings" gone. I'd rather be [positively] surprised that I have unlocked some new options playing the game again, with different character and doing something in a different way, leading to different results.


Just a thought.

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You may rejoice, for this is already an option.


In the current Beta, you can just uncheck


[ ] Show Unqualified Interactions


under Options > Game.


There's also

[ ] Show Qualifiers (For when you do meet the requirements.)


[ ] Show Personality/Reputation (Listed in brackets after a choice)


... Pretty sure these will stay in.

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