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Learning from Terrance and Phillip


Even though the game is so glitchy that hurts some times, I've been having a good time with it, the gameplay and the story.

After reaching the Kingdom of Canada, I did all the quests and mow I have to fart on Terrance and Phillip to prove that I can... fart.

The game crashes there on the load screen and well, never passes that point.

I'm playing on my PS3 and the game was bought using PSN, so, it is in my hard drive. I have no idea how to pass that part not because the quest is hard, because the game crashes there.

Is a shame that a game who was in a lot of top tens of 2014 is so glitchy.. A SHAME!

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It's kinda funny. I bought it day 1 and the worst thing that happened to me was a camera glitch that worked itself out when it went to the next characters turn. Someone with the same model of system as me can then have game and save crashing bugs while probably doing nothing really different.


You could try a previous save just before Canada.


Yes, I hate backtracking too. I almost quit Fallout 3 the first time I played it after getting a game crashing bug in Fort Constantine. I lost a lot of exploring in the N/NW quadrants from the save I had to go back to.


EDIT: Of course, I can assure you the ending is well worth it.

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