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A couple of nitpicky suggestions based on viewing the live stream

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First, I'll say I haven't played since the first iteration of the backer beta, which *was* a bit of a let down, so I've just decided to stand back and see how things shape up.  I did enjoy watching the live stream and am generally pretty excited with how much the game has improved.  The combat in the dungeon still looked a bit hectic and chaotic, but I'm going to chalk it up to Josh's familiarity with the game and assume that as a player, I'll be able to achieve the same level of comfort with the mechanics once the shipped product is in my hands.


Anyway, on to a couple of admittedly nitpicky suggestions which have more to do with immersion than anything else.  Are all of these realistic?  I don't know, but I will say that (imo) the small touches and details had as much to do with the memorability and experience of the old IE games as did the story and combat.

  • When having a conversation with an NPC, have the line of dialog that you chose be the first line shown in the conversation so you can easily refer to what you chose.  I'm referring to the discussion with Sagani where it's not always evident what that player chose.
  • With respect to the same conversation, it'd be nice if she actually turned to face the person with whom she is talking.  Throughout the whole conversation, she's facing away from the player characters as they talk to her back.
  • When first entering the Woodend zone, around the 45:00 mark, there appears to be a fox or some other inconsequential bit of decorative fauna on the road that just stands there as the party marches over it.  It'd be nice to see a bit of reactivity as the beast actively flees from the tromping boots of the party.
  • In the second level of the dungeon where the party interrupts the ceremony lead by the high priest (32:45), it describes a cacophony of screeches, growls, barks.  It'd be great if you could actually *hear* it as you got close to that room to get a sense of uncertainty and dread rather than stumbling into a big text reveal.
  • More ambient noise and background characters in the cities!

That's all I can think of at the moment.  The game's looking fantastic and I'm really looking forward to playing it.  Thanks for listening.

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