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Art team: Female armor in your art

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THANK YOU! Thank you for putting the female characters in real, class-appropriate armor. I especially appreciate the plate breastplate that is actually designed to work as armor, instead of the ridiculous sternum-cracking Madonna-in-the-80s plate armor. Also, thank you for the lack of Hawkeye Initiative poses, heh! Okay, the ranger woman is twisting funny at first blush with that lunge she's doing, but I can see that she's turning her body to pull out an arrow instead of just because, heh! It's just a dynamic pose, and I'm cool with that.
Anyway, I love that you make EVERYONE look like they are tough and ready for a serious fight, instead of the men looking tough and the women looking like they're trying to seduce the owlbears or whatever.

Thanks for standing out of the crowd with this. It makes me want to play the game way more, and it was already looking good to me!

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