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Missing Cup-a-fart in arsenal when doing Attack The School



this flabergasts me, and has seeming ended my game play. despite the fact that i have also not been able to release craig (infinite loading glitch)....i have been able to continue along on side quests. but now im doing Attack the School....and ive just realized that Cup-A-Fart has disappeared from my arsenal!?@*&%

i did this tutorial successfully. im pretty sure you have to in order to proceed. im not certain how this has disappeared and/or never showed up in my r1 arsenal.

im playing on ps3 in 3rd day in a game that also suffered from the cant-free-craig-without-an-infinite-loading screen glitch.

can ANYONE offer any help? a suggestion on how to break dow the "humans keep out" barrier in the Attack The School stage without Cup-A-Fart? i tried using Sneaky Squeaker but it doesnt work....im not sure why a Cup-A-Fart would work but a Sneaky Squeaker won't. this makes no sense! please help! any suggestions would be appreciated! will i have to wait for this fix in a patch to proceed? as i cannot load back to a savepoint, as there are 2 in the school and 1 outside by the goths (all in an area you cannot leave).

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