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Write your playthrough of KOTOR and KOTOR 2:TSL here

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just as title says.describe the playthrough of your characters (LS and DS decisions)

for example


Helped Zelka
Killed Bendak,Selven,Matrik
Helped the Outcasts and cured the Infected Outcasts
Sided with the Beks
Saved Juhani
Killed Sherruk and his mandalorian raiders
Destroyed Elise's Droid to make her gain a new life and a man

Killed the Gamorreans plunderers
Saved Tanis
Recruited HK-47
made peace with the Sand people and met their storyteller
convinced Jagi to let go of his revenge

Saved Freyyr and tried to convince Chuundar about cooperating
Exposed the slimy merchant
found the truth about the dead wookie slaver trader and let Jaraak live.
Liberated Kashyyk from the Czerka

Saved the young selkath and refused the reward
made the sith go to jail
convinced the Selkath Jury of Sunry's innocence
became Sector Champion and helped Queedle with a investment
investigated the Arhkert station and destroyed the Kolto machine to 'save' the giant firaxa 

Returning to the Dark Side due of the manipulation of the Republic on my character
killed the Renegade students
Persuaded Yuthura to tell her story and gained her trust
Told Uthar about Yuthura's plans(as it remembered a situation of Revan)
worked with Lashowe for the Holocron only to kill her and take the holocron myself
talked to Ziagrom about a possible alliance with the exchange and the Sith once Revan will become the dark lord once again.
Uthar Wynn swore loyalty to Revan
Dustil is alive and returned to Telos

Darth Revan:I am Darth Revan,bow before me

Uthar:"ah,i see,So Darth Revan is not dead as we were led to believe,yet you're not Revan,are you?what happened between the time of your reported death and now i can only guess it,but you've changed much.
your destiny does take you away from here,to confront your old pupil,yes,that's what lies before you
go then to your destiny my Dark Lord(bows)i Shall say nothing of what happened here,but if you prove to be successful and wish to return,then i and all Sith shall be your servants"

Lehon(Rakatan Homeworld)
Double crossed the One,sided with the Elders and later slaughtered them
Rakata Elder Councilor:Quick Revan you must go to the Star Forge and destroy it,your former apprentice feeds on its power.
Revan:"You Fools,you think i'm going to destroy the Star Forge?"

killed the Mandalorians and delivered the head to the warrior chief of the Black Rakatas
chose to accept Bastila's offer to reclaim your lost identity and power,her becoming Darth Revan's apprentice and Lover
Slain Malak and reclaimed the title of Dark Lord of the Sith
made Zaalbar kill Mission
Kept the Star Forge 
Final Squadmates chosen:Canderous and Bastila

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