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Stuck in Treasures of the Sun? I haven't completed main game!? !?

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Hello Gang,


New to forum - not new to DS - So I have been playing DS III for about20 hours or so, and then my friend tells me about Treasures of the Sun DLC. So i get it and install it... No problems.. Yet..


So I go to play the game last night.. and next thing you know it I am in Abbey of St. Hiram?? So I walk around do a few things.. find the 3 obelisks.. and then I start getting my butt whooped! (I am only lvl 22 in the game)... I was like that is it.. this game is stupid hard (all of a sudden)..


So I obviously learned today that I am in the Treasures of the Sun DLC portion of the game...


My question is this: Can I go back to the Main Story? or am I stuck? (I am not sure if I have the Saved games from prior..)





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Well.. after I got home - I was able to play and sure enough... I was not Stuck in Treasures of the sun... took about 30 minutes to walk all the way back to the causeway. Though I did hang around and trash some of the enemies in the Desert - gave me a few quick level boosts :) Back to Stonebridge - I still need to finish the Heroes of the Old quest (open the crypt) 




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