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Majority Rules - Not able to enter the door in foundry



I have killed the first set of goblin and cyclops in the foundry and switched on the first gear. But after that the game is not allowing me to enter the second level of the foundry. There is no error. I am just stuck and not allowed to move forward. I can go back and play though

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I am having the same problem. The door is the one after the burning bridge in the foundry. It opens after you set the first gears to work. I can see the door open, but cannot go through. The ranged attack goes through, but the character not. Even if I try to "roll" in front of the door, it does nothing. The character is stuck, and won't go beyond that door, as if it was closed, but it is open and the gears are rotating.


Tried to save a game before the foundry, and nothing happened.


I am playing the steam version of the game.


Thanks for any help, because I won't waste anymore time on a bugged game. Won't waste time playing it all again just to get stuck again in the same place. Not the funniest game ever to justify that attempt. If possible, I would just ask for a refund, to be very honest.

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