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Running Windows on Mac - Trouble with DX9 DLLs



I was hoping someone might have any information that can get my copy of the game to work. I recently sold my xbox and upgraded to the one but realy wanted to play the game So I installed windows xp (i know just had an old key lying around) onto a macbook pro and am having issues getting the DX9 DLL files to register as being found.


; Win32 engine defaults configuration file

default_brightness            = 0.138000
default_contrast            = 0.946001
default_gamma                = 2.2
default_contrast_range_low    = 0.09
full_screen                    = 1
full_screen_width            = 0             ; 0 -> desktop width
full_screen_height            = 0                ; 0 -> desktop height
window_width                = 1280
window_height                = 720
adapter                        = -1            ; -1 -> primary
shadow_quality                = 2                ; 0:25%, 1:50%, 2:100%, 3:200%, 4:300%, 5:400%, 6:800%
msaa                        = 1             
support_aspect_ratio_4_3    = true
support_aspect_ratio_16_10    = true
support_aspect_ratio_custom    = true
default_display_conversion    = box            ; box|stretch|crop
dist_fade_duration            = 0.5            ; time it takes for something to fade once the range is reached
dist_fade_in_range            = 40.0            ; distance from camera that the object will begin to fade back in at.
dist_fade_out_range            = 45.0            ; distance from camera that the object will begin to fade out at.
s3d_ar_multiplier            = 1.3            ; aspect ratio multplier used to adjust the culling frustum for 3D.
use_directx_11            = true            ; false=DX9, true=DX11

enabled                     = 1
enable_communication         = 1

ragdolls_enabled             = 1

preferred_device            = gamepad

project_name                 = Onyx
npc_chatter_cooldown         = 3.0
creature_chatter_cooldown     = 4.0


This is the engine data. It looks as if it is trying to use DX11, which I don't even think is installed and ingoring the DX9 files. I've been away from windows for too long to start messing with that so I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what I could do in order to get this game to run properly on XP running on parallels on a mac.


Many thanks if anyone has any idea!

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